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Create a Website In A Day-Learn WordPress

You want a great website.

You need it up ASAP.

You want to learn to Do It Yourself!

WordPress is a free, opensource content management system. One out of six websites is built in WordPress. It is easy to learn, has a 1 click installation on your host server (the hosts I recommend) and is fluid and expandable.

Learn WordPress - so that:

  • You can make your own changes
  • Blog
  • Change your images whenever you want
  • Add new images
  • Add a shopping cart, PayPal free payment system
  • Create a landing page when you have a new promotion
  • Add as many bells and whistles as you can think of
  • Or none at all
  • Do It Yourself!

I love creating WP websites and teaching clients how to do it themselves. I'm an art teacher, artisan, and designer. Let me help you get your website up in a day - 3 to 8 pages EZ.

  • Assistance with domain name registration
  • Web hosting set-up
  • WordPress installation
  • Theme options
  • Optimal plugins and widgets
  • Contact form
  • Blog (if you want)
  • SEO and Google Analytics (if you have a gmail account)
  • Social media linkage

I love making websites! So creative, colors, fonts, images and brain candy challenge of figuring out how to do x, y and z. I also love teaching other people how to update the websites we create; how to use them in innovative ways to help their business or passion thrive. Although I've been making websites for more than a dozen years, I've only been doing WordPress for the last two. And the more I use WordPress, the more I show others how to use it, the more impressed I am by the content management system's ease And flexibility.

Using for the rare coding needed, my students and I are sailing along setting up WordPress websites with Open Source software (FREE),

  • WordPress ofcourse is open source and has a vibrant growing community
  • Filezilla is a useful ftp program when you Have to get something from your computer to your host server
  • Notepad++ is a sweet little code editor - love the colors
  • is an online image editor that has layers and can do everything from headers to downsizing images
  • there are more...

I decided to create a new product, WEBSITE IN A DAY, which includes not only making the website but WordPress education and three months of followup tutoring.




Check Out EZWordPress4U – WordPress DIY

You can make a WordPress website with these step-by-step instructions. Each link goes to a blog page that talks about

Contact Form 7

3Great news! Contact Form 7 has fixed the snafu that Yahoo started with their change in dmarc policy a few months ago. Now Contact Form 7 automatically populates the Mail portion of the settings “To:” with the email address that is in WP Settings, General. CF7 then also puts the same email in the “From” and adds a “Reply-To: [with filer’s email] in the additional headers space. This all is a usable work around to deal with Yahoo’s difficulties.

This works if the email you have in Settings is one that is on the same server as your website. So if you have an “” or “info…..” on your server, with an email forwarder this works just fine. NOTE: when setting up your new hosting account via Cpanel, it will be useful to set up an info@ email prior to loading WP onto domain. That way you can use that email from the loading WP form onward.


EZWordPress4U up and running

Well Folks, I decided to do a separate website on how to make a WordPress website. Check out

Wanted one location that had everything WordPress on it. Don’t have the Everything there yet, but have been working slowly and very steadily throughout July. When I was teaching myself WordPress I so wanted a short concise explanation of certain topics. So when I had to idea to do EZWordPress4U I listed 30 modules to write. Well every time I write one I think of another one I need to do. It is actually a Lot of Fun.

Hope you take a look and use as a resource if you are making or updating your website. Blessings, Lindy

WordPress – why I love it!

Do any of you remember Angelfire? In a quick Google search of myself there are still two of my old Angelfire free sites out there (sortof like the nostalgia). Over the years I’ve used a lot of different platforms and software to build a website: free sites like Angelfire and Blogspot; Sitebuilder-that what-you-see-is-what-you-get WYSIWYG wonder; and even Dreamweaver still regarded as the premier software by many. None of them came close to the fun and ease of use of WordPress.

I like pictures but I also like simplicity, a clean look. I want to be able to change things around. OK I LIKE CONTROL! When it comes down to it, as a competent computer user but not really a code-writing, style sheet making wizard [yet], WordPress gives me the potential to start small and grow. As my understanding of how it works, how to use it, what it will do, grows I can refine my skills and my vision.

I like the flexibility and the possibilities that come with WordPress. My current challenge is to figure out how to use an image as a background, have it fade to transparent behind the body of the website. Why? Because my son-in-law, who I adore, wants a website with that kind of background. And a different image on each page too. Sooo… It may be easy, it may be tricky. But I bet in a week or so I’ll know how to do it. I’ll read some more of the WP Codex. I’ll search YouTube for a video how to. And maybe as last resort I’ll call a web designer up in Canada who did a site for another healer just the way he wants it. Wahoooooo.

If you haven’t looked at do so… Quite informative.

Checklist for WordPress Website -an Introduction

What a fantastic last six weeks I’ve had. Beginning with Poetry’s Healing Harvest, Institute of Poetic Medicine, with Birch Dwyer, Peg Edera, John Fox, and Marna Hauk in Portland. More unfolding creativity at Art & Soul beginning of October also in Portland. Then to top it all off I attended the Fifth International SoulCollage® Facilitators’ Conference at Skamania Lodge on the Columbia Gorge from Oct. 24-27th. So much healing and connection and huge fountains of creativity pouring forth.

Mixed in has been a Checklist for WordPress Websites – an Introduction – for my friends and family, and potential clients met along the way. Click here for a PDF checklist An EZ Checklist for a WordPress Website

This is an evolving project as I learn more and am able to pass it along. BLESSINGS! and great gratitude for this month of counting joys.