Contact Form 7

3Great news! Contact Form 7 has fixed the snafu that Yahoo started with their change in dmarc policy a few months ago. Now Contact Form 7 automatically populates the Mail portion of the settings “To:” with the email address that is in WP Settings, General. CF7 then also puts the same email in the “From” and adds a “Reply-To: [with filer’s email] in the additional headers space. This all is a usable work around to deal with Yahoo’s difficulties.

This works if the email you have in Settings is one that is on the same server as your website. So if you have an “” or “info…..” on your server, with an email forwarder this works just fine. NOTE: when setting up your new hosting account via Cpanel, it will be useful to set up an info@ email prior to loading WP onto domain. That way you can use that email from the loading WP form onward.


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