Four Peas Family Farm

Four Peas Family Farm

Four Peas Family Farm is our small family farm nestled in a secluded valley surrounded by the Kiniksu National Forest. Our farm is owned and operated by the four of us: Jim, Kim, Kaeli and Thoreau DesJarlais. We are committed to a simple, self-sufficient life by living off-grid and growing healthy, delicious food for our table and yours. Our goal is to have the small family farm regain its traditional position as an integral member of the local community while creating a good example of a meaningful and sustainable lifestyle.

This year, 2014, is our 11th year of growing for market on this farm, and will be our best year yet (we tell ourselves that every year!). While continuing our commitment to growing organic, heirloom fruits and vegetables and raising organic, heritage livestock, we are expanding our gardens to include a larger fruit and nut orchard, a nice big strawberry patch, seed-oil and grain trial areas and lots more flowers! We are trialing alternative feeds for our goats, rabbits, chickens and turkeys here on the farm; with the goal to be independent from commercial pelleted feed. We are re-working several aspects of our farm to further minimize our use of fossil fuels including solar voltaic panels sufficient to power the whole farm. And, we are continuing to try to save the world from itself, one healthy family farm at a time.

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) options are also growing at Four Peas Family Farm. This year we are offering a “Your Choice” CSA subscription option as well as the “Traditional” weekly box CSA option. CSA’s are the best way to save a little money while getting the freshest, healthiest, most delicious food for you and your family!

CSA’s are also a great way to act globally by eating locally. And, supporting our local family farms is perhaps the best way to ensure a growing supply of farmers, supplying the region with local food! Please contact us with any questions. Four Peas offers a wide variety of organic heirloom fruits, vegetables and seedlings, handcrafted tonics and tinctures, organic raw goat milk and cheeses, organically raised French heritage Champagne D’Argent rabbits and heritage Narragansett turkeys.