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Create a Website In A Day-Learn WordPress

You want a great website.

You need it up ASAP.

You want to learn to Do It Yourself!

WordPress is a free, opensource content management system. One out of six websites is built in WordPress. It is easy to learn, has a 1 click installation on your host server (the hosts I recommend) and is fluid and expandable.

Learn WordPress - so that:

  • You can make your own changes
  • Blog
  • Change your images whenever you want
  • Add new images
  • Add a shopping cart, PayPal free payment system
  • Create a landing page when you have a new promotion
  • Add as many bells and whistles as you can think of
  • Or none at all
  • Do It Yourself!

I love creating WP websites and teaching clients how to do it themselves. I'm an art teacher, artisan, and designer. Let me help you get your website up in a day - 3 to 8 pages EZ.

  • Assistance with domain name registration
  • Web hosting set-up
  • WordPress installation
  • Theme options
  • Optimal plugins and widgets
  • Contact form
  • Blog (if you want)
  • SEO and Google Analytics (if you have a gmail account)
  • Social media linkage

I love making websites! So creative, colors, fonts, images and brain candy challenge of figuring out how to do x, y and z. I also love teaching other people how to update the websites we create; how to use them in innovative ways to help their business or passion thrive. Although I've been making websites for more than a dozen years, I've only been doing WordPress for the last two. And the more I use WordPress, the more I show others how to use it, the more impressed I am by the content management system's ease And flexibility.

Using for the rare coding needed, my students and I are sailing along setting up WordPress websites with Open Source software (FREE),

  • WordPress ofcourse is open source and has a vibrant growing community
  • Filezilla is a useful ftp program when you Have to get something from your computer to your host server
  • Notepad++ is a sweet little code editor - love the colors
  • is an online image editor that has layers and can do everything from headers to downsizing images
  • there are more...

I decided to create a new product, WEBSITE IN A DAY, which includes not only making the website but WordPress education and three months of followup tutoring.




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You can make a WordPress website with these step-by-step instructions. Each link goes to a blog page that talks about

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