WordPress – why I love it!

Do any of you remember Angelfire? In a quick Google search of myself there are still two of my old Angelfire free sites out there (sortof like the nostalgia). Over the years I’ve used a lot of different platforms and software to build a website: free sites like Angelfire and Blogspot; Sitebuilder-that what-you-see-is-what-you-get WYSIWYG wonder; and even Dreamweaver still regarded as the premier software by many. None of them came close to the fun and ease of use of WordPress.

I like pictures but I also like simplicity, a clean look. I want to be able to change things around. OK I LIKE CONTROL! When it comes down to it, as a competent computer user but not really a code-writing, style sheet making wizard [yet], WordPress gives me the potential to start small and grow. As my understanding of how it works, how to use it, what it will do, grows I can refine my skills and my vision.

I like the flexibility and the possibilities that come with WordPress. My current challenge is to figure out how to use an image as a background, have it fade to transparent behind the body of the website. Why? Because my son-in-law, who I adore, wants a website with that kind of background. And a different image on each page too. Sooo… It may be easy, it may be tricky. But I bet in a week or so I’ll know how to do it. I’ll read some more of the WP Codex. I’ll search YouTube for a video how to. And maybe as last resort I’ll call a web designer up in Canada who did a site for another healer just the way he wants it. Wahoooooo.

If you haven’t looked at WordPress.org http://codex.wordpress.org/Main_Page do so… Quite informative.

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