"Thanks soo much for all your help. without it I would just give up. Love P. M."

"You’re becoming my role model for staying in touch and creating a caring, beneficial relationship with clients!" Kate S., May 2015

"My friend gave me Lindy Flynn’s contact information. Lindy saved my blog and my sanity - for a really reasonable price. I tell my tale as a warning. Unless you really, really know what you are doing, do not go into these dark woods without Lindy as your guide. Lindy knows the terrain. She could have saved me time and money in the first place, if I had known to ask her about what host to use. Learn from my mistakes. Have Lindy in your corner from the get-go." Jan S., JansBoxofSox


NEED HELP? Hire a Computer Tutor just 4 U!
Want to build your own simple WordPress website?
Check out http://ezwordpress4u.com/
And call me!

Administrative Support
Organizational structures: database development, filing systems
Graphic presentations

Smart phone, emailing, computer basics

My goal is to help you with your computer and technology needs, whether that be learning a new operating system, setting up a simple website, figuring out your smartphone, try out internet phoning via Skype, or maybe making a video and putting it on YouTube. Maybe you just want to know what the heck YouTube is and is it safe to watch at home?

I have been doing computer tutoring and helping individuals with the computers for more than a decade. As Mary said, "There's nothing I've asked Lindy about that she hasn't been able to help me with yet." Excellence local references!


Please contact me at 208-610-9113 or email me at flynnsfreelance@yahoo.com for a free initial consultation.

note: I use all my websites as examples for clients - so the theme may change, always updating,